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So this is me

I am 45 years old and over the last 10 years have really screwed my life up through various bad decisions, this has ended up with going from having a lovely home and a good job to separating from wife and have my kids living 180 miles away in a crappy 2 bedroom rented flat, I living in a bungalow that is dated and needs refurbing and I am roughly 40k in debt so good potentially loose everything unless my life changes for the better. I am also suffering from depression and procrastination.

How did this happen, I became very lazy and took everything for granted, I stopped learning and started making stupid decisions ended up with my having a criminal recorded and being practically  unemployable. At the time I left my career in May 2014 I was absolutely shattered and disillusioned.

Oh how wrong I was, I should have worked harder at my marriage and my career instead of taking everything for granted.

However not everything is lost, I have two brilliant children and a great ex-wife who is doing a fantastic job of bringing up my kids.

So what can I do to turn this round, well actually quite a lot.

One of them is by keeping this blog to track my progress and to implement  what I have learnt over the last two years, while I have been drifting.

Its not going to be easy but with the help of a good plan and consistency  I will turn this round.

So the key word is going to be consistency which means I have to do things everyday to move myself forward.

So things I need to do every day,





List Items on eBay (My main source of income)

Be a good Dad










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