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September 24, 2016

Areas of pain in my life and why I have created them


I am in debt, as far as I can remember I’ve always been in debt despite always earning good money, I’ve always spent more than I have earn yet have nothing to show for it, I am now trapped in debt but will be debt free within a year. Why have I always been in debt, I have always wanted to be seen as successful hence spending to much. I am going to work out a debt plan and make sure I pay it all back,

Currently my debt is

Mum 4000

Santander 8800

Inland Revenue 22000


I have let my career by being lazy and only doing what was needed to get by, I so lazy I need a career which is challenging and well paid.

Marriage / My boys

I let my marriage go, because I let my marriage go, due to laziness and thinking I was better than I was. I was always looking for somebody better than Lisa when I was a lazyfat sod myself. My boys are now 180 miles away from me and I don’t see them often enough as I don’t earn enough money.  This will now change as I going to turn my career around and start making some proper money.


As I sit and type this I chewing on a Rennie indigestion tablet as I have a sore stomach from eating mince pies, I have eaten 10 of these in the last 24 hours, why, they are shit and just make me feel fat and bloated. My body is really beginning to suffer from my constant eating and I spend no end on crap food that makes me feel depressed and unhappy.




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