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Shit that needs doing

June 20, 2016

Once again I have been slack in my updates,  this is the story of my life, too little and not often enough, things have to change

I have had a cold since my last update and I have been feeling pretty sorry for myself in the last week, my debt is getting out of control and my eBay sales have been poor. Anyway today I head back to work to the job I hate and within two hours I had put my back out, I wasn’t even lifting anything at the time just kneeling on the floor sorting some cd’s out.

Anyway I went home at 10:30 and have spent most of the day sleeping and watching YouTube videos. I have leant the benefits of cold showers and will be taking one later.

My weight is ballooning and I am now back at 14 stone, this is my own fault and probably has caused my back problem.

I spent the weekend with my boys who I have to drive down and pickup and then bring back home, I spent the best part of 14 hours in the car this weekend, this is not good, its costing me a small fortune in petrol not to mention the amount of mileage I am putting on my car.

Tomorrow is my sons 9th birthday and I am not going to be there to celebrate it with him, today is an all-time low. I should have the money in my account so I can drive down tonight and surprise him tomorrow. I currently have £40 to my name.

I will change because I have too, for my sanity and for the sake of my boys.

I am going to start doing things right









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