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A Busy Day and Reality Check

June 12, 2016

Yesterday was a very hard day for me, I am coming down with a cold and I literally have no money, my eBay sales were shocking despite listing actively on one of my accounts. I used to earn 80k a year and I’m really struggling with the fact I earn so little today, what makes it worse is I could still be earning this if I hadn’t fucked up so badly over the last 10 years. I miss my boys terribly and have spoken to them since Thursday despite me trying to.

So today I dragged myself out of bed and went and fetched a coffee from Starbucks, this is my daily vice as I’m face becoming addicted to coffee, I have decided rather than have coffee at home I will rescript my self to two coffees a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

So today has started off well, I have sold £16 worth of items and have started reducing the amount of list I have down from 4000 to 3000, most of the listings I’ve pulled are low value items which I don’t thing will sell, this will be sent by to the auction house I work for to go in the next sale.

I am going to spend the next week, have a huge sort out of my listings and also listing the remaining items I have. For the 1st time ever I will be on top of my listings. EBay is not something I want to do for a living but as a second income it is brilliant, and if I can get to a point were I’m making £500 a month part time on it, half can go into pension funds and the other half to holidays, unfortunately I’m a long way of from that yet.

This biggest problem I have at the moment is I have no direction, my long term plan is to trade for a living, but this requires a lot of hard work and focus which I have not been putting over the last few years, I am going to try and put a plan together today to push myself forward. I keep to push forward else life is basically over.

I am going to spend most of today listening  to The One Thing, by Gary Keller on Audible,





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