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How Time Flies

June 11, 2016

Having had a look back over this blog which I started 3 years ago but didn’t do anything with these goals were written in Feb 2013, now the odd thing is I have achived most of goals below and have slowly undone all of them over the last two years, its almost like I’m on self destruct, which to some extent is probably true, I seem to think I need to get to my lowest ebb before I can rise like a phoenix, this is a load of crap, basically I been stupid and lazy which is why I am in the position I’m in now, I now what I want to change and even how to do it, I have now just got to take action.

So as every day here are my current goals

  • I weigh 11 stone ( I am currently 14st 11lb)
  • I am debt free ( This will be paid of by the end of May)
  • I can run 10k in under 1 hour
  • I have bought a new car (VW Golf GTI)
  • I spend more time with my 2 boys
  • I have a successful eBay business
  • I have an income of 5k
  • I have 10k in savings



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