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Go Go Go Nintendo

February 5, 2013

Today I am going to write about my recent ebay buy. On Saturday I bought a job lot of old games console bits and games from the chartity shop I work in.

They ahd been kicking around for sometime and I paid £25 for the lot. Much to my amzement when I started looking at them on ebay there appears to be a very healthy market for old game console games. So come 6:30 Sunday morning I am up and away list listing them, there must have been about 20 in total and and by 11 o’clock #Sunday morning they started selling. As of today I only have two left. A couple of the Nintendso 64 ones went for £30 each which is amazing.

So next time you are at the local car boot sale keep and eye out for them, they are dinfinatley worth buying.

Today I am also making the next step on my Ebay business. I there is a 3 day general auction near where I live and I have placed bids on 3 lots of Dinky toys. When I semi retiree I am going to specialise in Dinky toys as I thing there is good money to be made iin them, I am also going to learn how to restore them.

I will keep you posted if I win the lots tomorrow

Anyway I need to go and do some work so here are my goals

  • I weigh 11 stone
  • I am debt free
  • I can run 10k in under 1 hour
  • I have a successful ebay business
  • I have 10k in savings
  • I have an income of 5k
  • I spend more time with my 2 boys
  • I have bought a new car

If you do read this many thanks.



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