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And so it begins

January 29, 2013

So  yesterday I started looking at the bodyforlife program.  I have decided the my number one goal is to get some weight off me.

I have been over weight for most of my life from my mid teens to around 25 when I have 5 good years and really got myslelf in sharpe. As I reached 30 we had our first son and the weight just increased from there to the point I now look like a weeble. At 30 I weighed around 11stone I am now sitting  just under  15 stone . Now for someone who is 5ft6 on good day it is really starting to play havoc with my body.

So this is my plan.

I am going to break my meals down into 6 small meals a day as per the plan, cut out all the crap and have 1 free day a week.

I am also going to start walking more and gradually want to start running again. My aim is to be able to run 10k in under 1 hour which is also one of my goals.

Now I have a cunning plan with me cutting out all the crap in my diet, we as a family currently spend a over £700 pound a month in our local sainsburys. So my plan is to buy lest but better quality and also starting make more food. So this afternoon I am going to pop down to Holland and Barrett and pick up some wheat germ, linseed and bran to make by own muesli, I will post picture tomorrow if its turn out ok.

This is my lunch from today, a min Red Thai and Indian slaw from POD very healhty.

pod mini red pod slaw

As per everyday I will write out my goals as it keeps focused in my mind

  • I weigh 11 stone
  • I am debt free
  • I can run 10k in under 1 hour
  • I spend more time with my 2 sons
  • I have an income of 5k
  • I have bought a new car
  • I have 10k in savings
  • I have a successful ebay business

As always thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings


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