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Carrots Fatty

January 28, 2013

A strange thing happen on Thursday, I have ended up with a few  followers. I am not sure how they found me and if it’s a case I follow you follow me. I am not sure about blog Etiquette this I will have to research over the coming weeks.

Anyway I digress today title is Carrots Fatty, this is a calendar entry I have that reminds me everyday that I am Fat. It has been on my today list for years to lose some weight but it has never been a pressing issue.

I am married with two boys so the need to be looking trim has not been my number one priority, but over the last six months my weight has really started catching up with me. I have become more and more lethargic and I my knees and feet are really starting to ache.

So what am i going to do about, well from today I am going to follow the body for life program. Basically its a 12 week program where you cut out all the crap for in your life bar one day a week. It also includes a strict exercise plan. As always I am disorganized and have not sat down and planned my meals or any thing like that. I thing the key point to the whole program and alot of things in life is displine. I know I want to do it and I know it wont kill me but will I actually do it is the big question.

So today this caught my eye, it a brillant video about a blog and his 911, I like the car I like his style and his garage is great. Maybe one day it might be me

As everyday I will write my goals out that I aim to achive by the 11/12/13

  • I weigh 11 stone      (I have started the body for life program) 
  • I am debt free
  • I can run 10k in under 1 hour
  • I spend more time with my 2 boys
  • I have a successful ebay business
  • I have bought a new car
  • I have an income of 5k
  • I have 10k of savings

If you do read this, thanks


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