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January 24, 2013

Hello and welcome to a damp London today

So today is day 2 of my blog, and I must say I am looking foward to wrting it. There is something about writing that I enjoy and it also makes me more moatived to do stuff.

Yesterday was a good day for two reasons, firstly I have my contract renewed for anothor six months, this is good and bad news. The goods news is that if will ensure I can clear one of my goals and become debt free. The bad news is I find my job very boring hence the reason fro leaning new skills such as creating a blog, so it car’t  all be bad.

The second reason yesterday was good was I bought a job lot of Dinky space toys at auction, I have asked a friend to pick them up today for me, but wont be able to get my hands on them for a few more weeks until I go upto Lincoln. I am not sure if I will make any money on them but I will be a learning experince.

I even sold an item on ebay last night that I was expecting to go, so it all helps

As everyday I will write my goals out that I aim to achive by 11/12/13

  • I weight 11 stone
  • I am debt free
  • I can run 10k in under 1 hour
  • I spend more time with my two boys
  • I have a successful eBay business
  • I have bought a new car
  • I have an income of 5k
  • I have 10k of savings 

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