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Shit that needs doing

Once again I have been slack in my updates,  this is the story of my life, too little and not often enough, things have to change

I have had a cold since my last update and I have been feeling pretty sorry for myself in the last week, my debt is getting out of control and my eBay sales have been poor. Anyway today I head back to work to the job I hate and within two hours I had put my back out, I wasn’t even lifting anything at the time just kneeling on the floor sorting some cd’s out.

Anyway I went home at 10:30 and have spent most of the day sleeping and watching YouTube videos. I have leant the benefits of cold showers and will be taking one later.

My weight is ballooning and I am now back at 14 stone, this is my own fault and probably has caused my back problem.

I spent the weekend with my boys who I have to drive down and pickup and then bring back home, I spent the best part of 14 hours in the car this weekend, this is not good, its costing me a small fortune in petrol not to mention the amount of mileage I am putting on my car.

Tomorrow is my sons 9th birthday and I am not going to be there to celebrate it with him, today is an all-time low. I should have the money in my account so I can drive down tonight and surprise him tomorrow. I currently have £40 to my name.

I will change because I have too, for my sanity and for the sake of my boys.

I am going to start doing things right








A Busy Day and Reality Check

Yesterday was a very hard day for me, I am coming down with a cold and I literally have no money, my eBay sales were shocking despite listing actively on one of my accounts. I used to earn 80k a year and I’m really struggling with the fact I earn so little today, what makes it worse is I could still be earning this if I hadn’t fucked up so badly over the last 10 years. I miss my boys terribly and have spoken to them since Thursday despite me trying to.

So today I dragged myself out of bed and went and fetched a coffee from Starbucks, this is my daily vice as I’m face becoming addicted to coffee, I have decided rather than have coffee at home I will rescript my self to two coffees a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

So today has started off well, I have sold £16 worth of items and have started reducing the amount of list I have down from 4000 to 3000, most of the listings I’ve pulled are low value items which I don’t thing will sell, this will be sent by to the auction house I work for to go in the next sale.

I am going to spend the next week, have a huge sort out of my listings and also listing the remaining items I have. For the 1st time ever I will be on top of my listings. EBay is not something I want to do for a living but as a second income it is brilliant, and if I can get to a point were I’m making £500 a month part time on it, half can go into pension funds and the other half to holidays, unfortunately I’m a long way of from that yet.

This biggest problem I have at the moment is I have no direction, my long term plan is to trade for a living, but this requires a lot of hard work and focus which I have not been putting over the last few years, I am going to try and put a plan together today to push myself forward. I keep to push forward else life is basically over.

I am going to spend most of today listening  to The One Thing, by Gary Keller on Audible,




How Time Flies

Having had a look back over this blog which I started 3 years ago but didn’t do anything with these goals were written in Feb 2013, now the odd thing is I have achived most of goals below and have slowly undone all of them over the last two years, its almost like I’m on self destruct, which to some extent is probably true, I seem to think I need to get to my lowest ebb before I can rise like a phoenix, this is a load of crap, basically I been stupid and lazy which is why I am in the position I’m in now, I now what I want to change and even how to do it, I have now just got to take action.

So as every day here are my current goals

  • I weigh 11 stone ( I am currently 14st 11lb)
  • I am debt free ( This will be paid of by the end of May)
  • I can run 10k in under 1 hour
  • I have bought a new car (VW Golf GTI)
  • I spend more time with my 2 boys
  • I have a successful eBay business
  • I have an income of 5k
  • I have 10k in savings


Six Week Review

So I have been on a 12 week plan to try and get more done in my life, my 12 week plan consists of the following

  1. Get my current account to a balance of 5k (increase eBay sales to at least 1k per week and stock value to 50k currently at 21k)
  2. Lose 1 stone in weight ( I’m currently 13:10)
  3. Read constantly in detail and learn
  4. Finish bungalow with materials I have so far. (gloss woodwork and paint as much as I can)
  5. Pass my Windows 10 Exam
  6. Pass my CSCS Exam
  7. 2k in my spread betting account
  8. Leave my current roll

Were I’m at

  1. My current account is still 1k over drawn I am behind maintenance / mortgage and loan payments. Ebay sales are poor at the moment as I am not listing consistenly enough.On a positive point I am really starting to understand that everything has a value and this will increase my ebay sales in the long run.
  2. My weight is still exactly the same due to over eating and eating crap. I don’t understand why I have so little control over what I put in my mouth. This weekend I am going to plan all my meals and stick to the plan. I would love to go fully vegan as I think the health benefits are massive.
  3. Again I am not reading daily, this is something so important that it has to be done, I even enjoy reading, I simply need to plan my days better
  4. My trading has taken a real back foot and I put very little time into this,  oddly this is the thing I want to do most in life, as I see it as the only way to make decent money again
  5. Again having been procrastinating badly on this one, I think my depression is the cause of this,
  6. Done nothing on this, not sure if I can even get back into an IT postion
  7. Not needed now as I am too old to start a career in the construction industry.
  8. Success on this one, I have had a payrise and with what I can by from my the auction house will help me with my eBay business

Action Points

  1. Get my account to 5k, list list and list some more, I have now spoken to my creditors and its a case of chipping as fast as I can with them
  2. Plan my meals for the next six weeks and go as much vegan as I can, this will have a massive knock on effect on me, I believe my food intake in the biggest problem in my life, in terms of mood swings / general health and tiredness
  3. I am going to read for at least an hour a day.
  4. I am going to watch a least 1 hour a day trading video on youtube
  5. I am going to paint for one hour a day
  6. Would like to do something with technology but not sure what yet.
  7. not needed
  8. Work harder and smarter and use make the best use of what I can from Terry







Today, has to be a new begining

Today has to be a new beginning, I am at my lowest and simply need to move forward, for the sake or my boys and my sanity

Instead of writing in various books at am going to use this page as my one source for all my thoughts.

I intend to make slight changes every day until I achive all my goals by the end of this year

One of the ways I’m going to change is my eating habits, I intend to post everything I eat onto here everyday this is to make me realise the some of the rubbish I put into my body.

Treacle Tart with double cream, crap





so laying bed this morning I have decided I strive for simplicity.  Every thing I do in life is about making life simpler, so how am I going to do this.


And so it begins again.

Once again I find myself returning to my blog, partly to keep my sanity and I also like recording my day to day life.

So from next Friday I will be unemployed, which in one hand is am very scared off yet in the other hand very excited about.

I  will use the blog to record how I progress over then next few months.



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